Major dates

Nancy’s thermal venture draws on over a century of history.


The origins of Nancy Thermal

1909: First bore-hole 800 metres deep.

1911: The French National Academy of Medicine approves the use of the spring water for therapeutic purposes.

1913: Opening of the thermal spa resort, with one of the first 50-metre indoor pools and the round swimming pool.

End of the 1930s: Balneotherapy on the site is abandoned.

Renaissance of thermal baths

2007: Start of a partnership between Greater Nancy and Nancy Regional University Hospital.

2007-2011: A new bore-hole is formed.

2011: Resupply of the swimming pools with spring water and restoration of the historical sites in order to start a clinical study demonstrating the water’s therapeutic value.

2012-2013: In partnership with Nancy Regional University Hospital, a clinical study was conducted on 283 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.

2014: Favourable opinion issued by the French National Academy of Medicine to use the natural mineral water spring for therapeutic purposes.

2018: Compagnie européenne des Bains / Valvital selected by Greater Nancy Council as the public service concession holder for operating the aquatic, thermal and wellness centre of Nancy Thermal.

Spring 2023: Opening of Nancy Thermal.