Health Space

All the benefits of the thermal water

Opening April 2023

The Health Space offers a range of treatments for people who require medical care.

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In 2014, thermal water drawn from 800 metres underground was recognised by the French National Academy of Medicine for its rheumatology benefits. Within the framework of this approval, the thermal facility treats conditions ranging from rheumatology to post-traumatic injuries.

The Natural Mineral Water (NMW) of Nancy Thermal is naturally heated (35°C), has a high mineral content (sodium chloride, sulphur) and is rich in iron and magnesium. This heat and mineral content is what gives the NMW its analgesic, relaxant and sedative properties useful for managing chronic rheumatic disease.

The thermal treatment facility consists of a multifunction pool, a mobilisation pool, a water walking lane, a rest area and over 70 treatment rooms.

The Health Space also offers two specialised sectors (equipped with consultation rooms, assessment rooms and treatment equipment):

  • Thermasanté sector: proposing different medical health prevention treatments thanks to thermal-water-based physical activity;
  • Thermasport sector: with particular emphasis for sports people, for recovery after strenuous exercise and rehabilitation after injury.


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